Get Attractive Breast With Breast Lift Surgery In London, UK

Breast Lift UK

After childbirth, a women’s body goes through various hormonal changes. One of the changes is seen on the breast. After weight loss, the breast starts drooping and getting saggy.  A drooping breast never looks attractive. So, one solution is to opt for breast lift surgery. Child bearing, sometimes weight gain, and hormonal changes tend to change the structures of a women’s body. You should consult the surgeon in UK before opting for the surgery.

Let us first explain the procedure of breast lift surgery:

The surgery will improve the appearance of droopy breasts. This is a very safe surgery and there will be no scars left after the surgery. Most women are concerned about the fact that whether they will be able to breast feed their child. Do not worry; with proper medication and care, you will be able to feed your child. The procedure of breast lift surgery is in scientific term known as Mastopexy. The procedure in UK can be carried out by a number of different techniques.

In the procedure of Mastopexy, pleats of surplus skin are removed from underneath the breast, the breast itself is remodeled into a tighter cone and the nipples are repositioned at a higher level so that they lie at the points of the tightened breasts. Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola.  In case the breast is droopy and saggy the size can be increased during the operation by placing silicone breast implants underneath the tightened breasts. The best results are achieved in women with small sagging breast although breasts of any size can be lifted. As opposed to the beliefs, there will be no problem with pregnancy. It is a very safe surgery.

The patient can continue their normal work after few days of rest after the surgery. The surgery gives the breast a lifted look and firmness. Results of the breast lift in UK will vary depending on the various body types, age, and other factors. Some women are likely to have better results than others. You have to follow doctor’s instruction religiously after the surgery is completed. There might be some swelling and pain after the surgery is done. You have to lead a disciplined life if you want to maintain results forever your life. The cost of the surgery in UK is quite affordable and you will be amazed with the results.

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