Transform into Yummy Mummy with Mommy Makeover Procedure

Mommy Makeover United Kingdom

A woman should try to maintain herself even after childbirth. However, you have your hands full after motherhood and you hardly get time to look after yourself. Your entire day revolves around your child and you stop taking care of yourself. Not anymore with Mommy Makeover procedure. Mommy makeover procedure is personalized and many makeovers combine various plastic surgery procedures after pregnancy for a complete transformation. For that you first need to consult a surgeon for the surgery.

Childbirth is a boon in a women’s life, however it changes the entire body anatomy of a women. After pregnancy the skin of the abdomen is stretched out, the vulva tends to move downward which leads, at times, to urinary track incontinence. Breasts either shrink up or stretch out. Pregnancy often deposits fat in unusual places that never were fat prior to the pregnancy. The internal labia of the vagina often get stretched out as does the vaginal opening. Melasma, which is the mask of pregnancy, often develops in various locations on a woman’s face after delivering children. Many plastic surgeons are now offering what they call the Mommy Makeover, which addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues in a single-session surgery that typically is a combination of various surgeries and treatments.

Tummy tuck: The procedure tightens the abdominal muscles, helps in getting rid of excess saggy skin, and pulls the vulva back up where it belongs. The types of surgeries included in the mommy makeover are the following:

Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift: As we all know that after pregnancy, the breast starts sagging and becomes loose. In the procedure the breast is made firm and beautiful.

Liposuction: Many women pile up excess weight after pregnancy which gets difficult to lose. In such cases, women can opt for liposuction to get rid of the excess baggage. Liposuction is done in tummy, thighs, arms or any other areas where they have put extra weight.

Labiaplasty: especially of the Wedge Resection type, can rejuvenate the appearance of the vagina and also tighten the opening.

After evaluating the body, the surgeon will suggest the procedure and when they should undertake the surgery after the childbirth. It is usually recommended to wait for at least nine month for the surgery after the birth of the child. However, many women are undertaking the surgery after three months of the child birth. All women want to look beautiful and slim even after child birth. The surgery helps to gain back the confidence once again. You will get amazing result from the surgery.

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